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Independent professional boutique Luca Prague offers customized advisory services in Central Eastern Europe, particularly V4 Countries and Italy.

Our goal is to deliver added value to you through a personalized approach and integrated services also thanks to the cooperation with highly skilled professional partners. We help the clients to grow their business by working in two directions:

Central Eastern Europe To Italy

We help companies to approach the Italian market and its complicated fiscal and bureaucratic systems.

Italy To Central Eastern Europe

We help companies to take advantage of opportunities in one of the most prosperous European markets.

Roberto Di Cursi

The activities of the company are performed and coordinated by Roberto Di Cursi, Italian professional living in Prague since 2010.

  • Over 20 years experience as chartered tax advisor/accountant (“commercialista”) and certified Auditor in Italy
  • 6 years of international managerial experience
  • Ex-Head of Italian Desk area CEE of Mazars (audit, tax, accounting, advisory services).
  • Member of:
    • Italian Association of Tax advisors and Accountant experts
    • Italian Institute of Legal Auditors in Italy
    • Czech Chamber of Tax advisors.
    • Mediators register of Italian Ministry of Justice
    • Global Strategic Advisory Board of Prague City University
  • Native Italian and fluent English.



Anti-Bribery Compliance (ABMS ISO 37001:2016)

No sector is immune to bribery, which is one of the most complex problems of our times. We offer the implementation of ABMS and we can build your new compliance system and/or adapt your existing one to the ISO 37001:2016 standard to achieve the certification and thus, competitive advantage, an increase of company ethical reputation and promotion of a culture of integrity. More info – ABMS- brief outline

Strategic Management & Advisory

We can provide ongoing planning, monitoring, analysis and assessment of all necessities needed from an organization to meet its goals and objectives. Moreover, on your behalf, we also can take care of contract negotiations, mediations, and other assignments upon agreement.

Temporary Management

Whether you need help just to start or complete a project or you need a guide in a phase of transition of the company, we can help by offering our assistance and support as Temporary Manager (TM), assuming role such as CFO or according your needs, in a versatile and highly flexible way of timing and approach, while also sharing our knowledge and transferring our know-how in order to make you succeed. For more information, please click here.

International advisory

We offer clients a broad range of fully integrated tax and business advisory in cooperation with our consolidated partners

Merger & Acquisitions

We act as a strategic advisor to our clients through all phases of the deal (M&A). This involves negotiations with parties to the transaction, and with funding business and/or financial partners as well. We manage the acquisition project in a way which allows the client to focus on running the daily business, both before, during and after the acquisition.

Growing abroad

We help companies in the elaboration of market expansion strategies with a project management activity in partnership, when necessary, with professionals who deal with the legal, fiscal and corporate aspects.

Company search

We assist our clients in identifying targets that meet the required profile according to size, location, and other possible requests.

Profit First – cash management

It’s your business. Your profit should come first! To successfully run and grow a profitable business, we believe that it is necessary to have a super simple system to manage the cash, one that you can understand within one second. We can help you to implement an innovative cash management system that allows you to focus first on your profit and change the perspective of a successful business from TO MAKE A LOT to HAVE A LOT. For more information, please contact us. Click here for more information. Video promo

Optimisation commission and fees

Have you been monitoring all the fees you pay on your bank products and services and the loan contracts? Did you know that you can negotiate with your bank?  Thanks to the pluriannual experience in the banking sector, we can help you save substantial amounts by reviewing your current bank contracts and guiding you through available solutions which are in your best interest. For more information, please contact us.

Family Office

We tailor our services according to the Family’s needs; we manage values and relationship in a confidential and trustable way of finding the optimal solution for you. We can offer management consultancy, reporting, and other dedicated services

Key factors

We distinguish our business by the following key factors:
Individual program
Individual program

We customize the service for each client by a holistic approach

Focus on clients’ needs
Focus on clients’ needs

We take care of the full satisfaction of the needs of our clients


We are always ready to react on client’s requests

High flexibility
High flexibility

We adapt our approach according to the necessities arising from every situation

International cooperation
International cooperation

Our strong cooperation with worldwide organizations and our professional network allow us to support the client everywhere


We choose business partners who share our values and have the same vision in the approach to the client. 

We go for a common goal: the satisfaction of the client’s needs and delivery of added value.



  • Update of Eurobarometer
    Update of Eurobarometer

    Corruption remains a serious concern for EU citizens: 68% believe that corruption is still widespread in their country. In the Czech Republic, the % is even higher (78%). Public and private companies can take preventive measures and play an active role in preventing corruption and gaining international ethical recognition, e.g. implementing an anti-bribery management system ISO 37001.

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  • Event: Sustainable Cash Management System for SMEs.
    Event: Sustainable Cash Management System for SMEs.

    The past and recent events are showing us that smart and easy cash flow management is essential for business continuity. Profit First is based on human behaviour and not only on numbers. Click on “read more” to see the video.

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  • IRCE lands in the Czech Republic
    IRCE lands in the Czech Republic

    We are pleased to have successfully negotiated a greenfield deal to develop a 50.000 m2 production site in Ostrava – Mošnov for the Italian manufacturer IRCE spa

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  • Update on ISO 37001
    Update on ISO 37001

    The municipal council of Prague invited the board of directors of municipal-owned companies to follow and implement anti-corruption systems. It is a piece of significant news that confirms the genuineness of our vision.
    We are ready to support you in the implementation of ISO 37001.

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  • ACCA Global Ethics Day 10th November at 10.00am
    ACCA Global Ethics Day 10th November at 10.00am

    We will be part of the panel discussion in the webinar organised by ACCA Czech Republic on the topic of Economic Crime in a Digital World. Click on the button to register yourself.

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  • Open and safe economy, a country that can still offer great opportunities
    Open and safe economy, a country that can still offer great opportunities

    Article published by Etribuna regarding the economic situation of the Czech Republic.

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  • Biosafety Trust Certification as an international security stamp
    Biosafety Trust Certification as an international security stamp
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  • Interview CAMIC Biosafety Trust Certification
    Interview CAMIC Biosafety Trust Certification

    Roberto Di Cursi describes the purpose and advantages obtained through this new certification. Click read more to see the interview.

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    We offer the Rina brand new certification on the Czech and Slovak market. It is a management system organized according to the PDCA cycle (Plan – Do – Check – Act). Click read more for more information.

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  • Emergency Covid19
    Emergency Covid19

    In compliance with the latest measures taken by the Czech government, we will work remotely over the next weeks. We will always remain at your service during business hours. Click read more for the latest updates.

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